abo Phoodie’s culinary obsession began when she was 3. Cooking, recipe writing and eating, with both her Greek and Lebanese grandmothers, comprise her fondest childhood memories. After graduating high school, Phoodie studied Architecture and Interior Design in Sydney and California, and was employed in the industry for several years. She enjoyed her work but ALWAYS knew her passion, Food, is where she would ‘end up’. A move to London in 2009 was the catalyst she needed to throw caution to the wind and enrol in the world famous Le Cordon Bleu cookery school. Upon her course completion, she worked with some of the UK and Europe’s top chefs assisting them in the classes they ran. It was during this time that she started ‘PHOODIE.’ ‘PHOODIE’ is a blog for anyone and everyone with a passion for food. Phoodie, the founder, believes that ANYONE can cook and that yummy food and good recipes shouldn’t only be accessible to a select few but rather to anyone who has the desire to create and eat fabulous things! She also believes that food is love. Phoodie is a Cookbook, Restaurant, Supermarket and Coconut obsessed blogger and Mum of 2. She lives in Sydney, Australia. Phoodie can be found on Facebook here, Instagram here and she tweets here.Phoodie is a regular contributor to Australia’s largest women’s website, Mamamia.See below for FAQ’s




Do you do all the cooking, styling and photography for the site?

Yes! I do! And I absolutely love it! This probably now helps you to understand why sometimes an “action” shot doesn’t seem so natural e.g. the time when I was holding a potato AND a peeler in my left hand together? Yep, that was because I was also taking the shot!

What camera do you use?

A Nikon D700. She is my third child. Actually my fourth. My third is our fish, Agnes.

Have you done any formal food styling / photography training?

Not at all! I definitely want to at some point!

What’s your favourite food?

Oh goodness! I get heart palpitations just reading that question. It’s probably easier to ask me what my LEAST favourite food is.

Ok then, what’s your least favourite food?

Floury tomatoes and Papaya. Vom Vom City.

I’m still interested to know what foods you love…If I was to ask a favour from you, what food would you ask for in return?

That make’s it easier to answer! Any of the following would be accepted with open arms; Ferreo Rochers, Crab (preferably cooked with ginger and shallots), Lamb (Greek-style, on the spit) and anything with coconut in it.

Can I use your recipes and photos on my site / school project / facebook page / advertisement etc etc etc?

The answer will most probably be ABSOLUTELY but definitely check with me first as we will need to chat about appropriate linking / referencing! Email me at phoodie@phoodie.com.au

Anything else you want to say?

Yes! I cannot thank the followers of this blog ENOUGH for all of the support they have given me over the years. I started writing PHOODIE in London in 2009 from our small rented apartment in Little Venice. I began because I felt that if I didn’t “let out” some of my passion for food that has been burning inside me since I was born, I would EXPLODE. I get SUCH joy from hearing that one of you has tried a food you never thought you’d eat or has gotten back into the kitchen for the first time in years. I love that MY recipes get added to YOUR repertoires and get enjoyed and shared with your friends and families. It’s such an honour! Thank-you!



In terms of working with different companies and brands I have a very simple policy. If I would GENUINELY purchase the product / visit the restaurant AND call my sister up to tell her about how much I liked it, then I will feature it. If I wouldn’t, then I won’t. Simple as that. I am often sent different products and samples and am under no obligation to EVER write about any of them. The ones I do write about / cook with are the one’s that I TRULY like (often love!) and believe to be a good fit with the ‘Phoodie’ brand. I would never endorse chicken in a can, for example! If a full post (recipe, review or otherwise) is sponsored, it will be declared as such at the beginning of the piece, in addition, the hashtag #SP will be used on Social Media to indicate whether a post has been sponsored or not.

All recipes, photographs and additional content on this website are the property of http://www.phoodie.com.au – Should you wish to use or reproduce any of this content, contact should be made to it’s owner via email (phoodie@phoodie.com.au) All reproductions and the like MUST be referenced AND linked back to http://www.phoodie.com.au