PHOODIE’S Nutella Hot Chocolate with Fudge-dipped TimTam-crusted Marshmallows 1

July 21, 2014




A little while ago I guest posted over at THE ONLY Ski and Snow related blog worth knowing about, I shared my Nutella Hot Chocolate with Fudge-dipped Tim Tam-crusted Marshmallows recipe with her readers and they LOVED it! (Ummmmm Who T H Wouldn’t!?)

Anyway, today I was flicking through some snaps and came across these ones and thought “Oh goodness! I MUST also publish this at PHOODIE as I couldn’t bear the thought of any of my readers missing out on this phenomenal creation!”

So here y’all go!

As always, let me know if you whip it up. Tag me on Social Media, (INSTAGRAM- @phoodiegram TWITTER- @phoodietweets FACEBOOK-

I love seeing AND sharing your pics :)


Serves 2

For the Marshmallows

6 Marshmallows (big)
1/3 cup Dark Chocolate chips
2 tablespoons Thickened Cream
2 Tim Tams, crushed

For the Hot Chocolate

2 cups full cream milk
2 tablespoons thickened cream
2 tablespoons Nutella
Cocoa for dusting


To make the marshmallows

1) Place the chocolate and the cream in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on medium for about 20 – 30 seconds. Remove from microwave and stir until contents are completely combined.

2) Dip one end of the marshmallow into the hot fudge and then dip the same end into the crushed TimTams. Place on a baking paper lined tray. Once all marshmallows are done, leave on the tray to set.

To make the hot chocolate

1) Place the milk, cream and Nutella into a small saucepan. Stir over a low to medium heat for about 5 minutes or until all ingredients are well combined.

2) Pour hot chocolate into two cups.

3) Serve each with 3 marshmallows.

N.B Once marshmallows are dropped into the hot chocolate they will float fudge side down. The fudge and TimTam bits will melt into the drink alongside the marshmallows.

It is now that you should dust the top of the drink with cocoa!


You can find by clicking HERE and you can follow her on Instagram HERE, Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE.











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Blue Cheese, Red Cabbage and Date Salad with Walnuts 0

July 18, 2014


Do you ever go out somewhere to eat and try something that you love SOOOOO much that you attempt to recreate it IMMEDIATELY? As in the MINUTE you walk in the door?

I do.


A few weeks ago I went to A Tavola in Bondi for dinner.

This post is NOT a restaurant review so I won’t go into detail about the place. All I WILL say is that I  wept with DELIGHT as every single mouthful of every single dish entered my mouth.

One of the things we ate was a red cabbage salad. Like everything else, it was EXCEPTIPONAL and whilst I don’t think my dressing accurately resembles the one that they used, the core ingredients of the salad were the same (I THINK!?)

Anyway, here’s Phoodie’s version. I hope you make it and love it to pieces. In any case,  I STRONGLY recommend a meal at A Tavola Bondi if you’re a local (or if you’re willing to travel, I recommend it to you too!)


(To make a Salad that would serve 6 as a side – delicious served with duck or pork OR yummy on it’s own with bread!)

1/2 head of Red Cabbage – FINELY shredded (preferably with a mandolin)

1 cup Dates – roughly chopped in to bite sized pieces

200g Blue Cheese – crumbled

1 cup Walnuts – roughly chopped

For the dressing:

1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 tablespoons honey

4 tablespoons cider vinegar

2 tablespoons orange juice

salt and pepper to taste


1) Combine all salad ingredients in a bowl and toss RESERVING some of the blue cheese to crumble on top for presentation!

2) To make the dressing, combine all of the ingredients well (I like to put them all in a glass jar and shake shake shake) and then pour over tossed salad. Top with remaining blue cheese before serving.



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July 13, 2014

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July 9, 2014




Health in a bowl.

Here you go.

Prepare for tears.

Tears of joy, as always.





With CAPITALS all the way!

[

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delicious. MAGAZINE 2014 PRODUCE AWARDS Blogger Lunch 0

July 6, 2014


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Last week I was lucky enough to attend an intimate Blogger lunch at ARIA, Sydney, featuring a menu that showcased some of the finalists in the 2014 delicious magazine Produce Awards.

Over the past 6 months, the public and producers have been busy nominating close to 3000 entries from all over Australia. State judges met up and tasted their way through the crop of primary and artisan nominees. They were tasked with selecting the best of their state in the EARTH, DAIRY, PADDOCK and SEA categories to send through to the final round of national judging.

“Small, artisan producers are the real heroes of our food industry, and delicious. is proud to have put so many great Australian products in the spotlight over the past nine years through the Produce Awards,” says Editor Danielle Oppermann. “This year’s crop of finalists is no different – our state judges have unearthed the best their regions have to offer , and we can’t wait to discover which will be this year’s winners at our national judging.”

The full list of finalists is in the June issue of delicious. magazine. More details are available at delicious

Below (Top to Bottom) Sher Wagyu with slow roasted carrots, XO sauce and Darling Mills Farm watercress; Drysdale Cheeses goat’s milk yoghurt sorbet with Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut and mandarin; INCREDIBLE petit fours; The best mashed potato in the entire world and my stunning place setting :) 








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July 3, 2014







For as long as I can remember, I have been seeking comfort via the consumption of Arnott’s Hundreds and Thousands bikkies.

[

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June 26, 2014



For as long as I can remember I have had recurring dreams about Bill Granger’s (Iconic Australian breakfast dish of) Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter and Banana.

If you do NOT know what I am talking about and even more tragically, if you have never eaten them, WALK, no RUN, as fast as you can to wherever you need to go to try some NOW.

Life changing.

I was lucky enough recently to have a little interview with the man behind the Ricotta Hotcakes himself, Mr BG. We talked breakfast, Jordans ‘Eat Real Day’ and of course, honeycomb butter. Check it out below!

Tell us a bit about “Eat Real Day” and why you wanted to be involved with it.

I love the concept of Jordans Eat Real Day because it is all about getting back to basics. We want to dedicate this day to eating the best, freshest wholefoods as they are so much more nutritious, not to mention better tasting than those that are overly processed. I wanted to be involved in it because I believe in Jordans philosophy of wholefoods. Jordans founder, Bill Jordan is a friend of mine, and he found that when you don’t overly process your food, it tastes so much better!

When writing recipes and coming up with concepts for new dishes what are your main considerations and inspirations?

I mainly look to make sure that I’m using only the best, freshest less processed ingredient possible. Of course, you can’t avoid it in a lot of cases, but it’s definitely a focus of mine. I love anything seasonal and anything that makes you feel good. Food is all about bonding and bringing people together. Of course, it has to be simply, because if I write a recipe that is so difficult that no one can cook it, there is no point in writing it. Travel is also always a great inspiration. I have 11 restaurants all over the world and I’m constantly finding inspiration from different cultures,

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

YES! Which is so concerning because it is the meal most often skipped. You never think about skipping dinner! In the morning, you’re groggy and breakfast isn’t the usually the first thing you think about. It’s so important because it really is what fuels your day. Fill your breakfast with fibre, protein and lots of wholegrains. This is why I’m so passionate about the Jordans Eat Real Campaign – it brings us all back to a wholesome, nutritious breakfast.

What are your favourite hot and cold breakfasts?

For a cold breakfast, you can’t go wrong with a little yoghurt, whole grain cereal and some fresh berries. So easy, simple and great for you. For a hot breakfast, as much as I love scrambled eggs I have made a lot in my life, so at home I tend to make a lot of fried eggs with dried chilli flakes, salt and pepper served on a bed of rocked dressed with some sherry vinegar.

Any tips for getting our kids to eat more wholefoods and wholegrains?

Start early! Don’t be discouraged if they don’t like it at first. Kids won’t willingly eat anything that is good for them, I find, but I’ve notice with my eldest daughter and her friends at 14, it suddenly is the “cool” thing to eat healthy. But my 10 year-old still gets embarrassed when I pack her a quinoa salad. If you start feeding your kids wholefoods early, they develop a pallet for it and will carry it into their adult life.

Thanks so much Bill! p.s. I regularly dream about your ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter, just thought I should tell you that!

So lovely! Those ricotta hotcakes count for 50% for all of our sales in Japan! It’s great to hear that you enjoy them so much.

Hotcakes images from: SWEET AND SOUR FORK



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PHOODIE’S ‘DOUBLE DECKER’ TIM TAM CHEESECAKE (That should really just be a ‘single-decker!’) 6

June 25, 2014






Everyone has disasters in the kitchen at some point or another.


[

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