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May 4, 2009

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It may have been too late…..but after having paid a billion dollars (ok that’s clearly an exaggeration) to secure my place in the Basic Cuisine Certificate at London’s famous Le Cordon Bleu, I decided to read a book written by a graduate of the school’s Parisian sister……

I thought it might be an idea to learn a few things about what I was getting myself in for…but as I said above – perhaps I should have read this book BEFORE I had paid my deposit!

In any case, SACRE CORDON BLEU had me in absolute stiches from beginning to end. The author tells one hilarious tale after the other from his time at LCB’s original cookery school in Paris. From crazy chefs to competitive students to ”incidents” in the kitchen – it was so spot on to the real thing and written very clevery with recipes intercepting the pages within the book at appropriate times e.g. if the author was telling a story about the time when they first made chicken stock, he has then included the recipe for chicken stock on the next page.

I laughed my head off and nodded in agreement with every tale I read. Highly recommended to phood and non-phood people – although I have a feeling if you’re a non-phoodie then you wouldn’t be reading this blog! I have now read the book about 4 times from cover to cover.

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