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May 12, 2009


Growing up we just never ate Indian food. We didn’t have anything against it but we just didn’t eat it. Normally Mum would cook dinner but if we went out it was always for Italian, Chinese, Japanese or ”Seafood”.

Since meeting my husband, who did eat Indian food growing up, I have started to try bits and pieces of Indian cuisine here and there….but still…it would be fair to say it’s just not something I eat regularly or crave……UNTIL…..last Sunday night when we went to Westbourne Grove’s charming and funky Modern Indian food joint – URBAN TURBAN.

Basically – Yum. Food was delicious, look at the website, look at the menu, we ate everything. There were 7 of us so what we did was, we ordered about 8 small dishes / tapas to share – amazing – especially the ”chilli chicken” and then we each orderd our own mains – I had coconut prawns – polished it all off. The rosewater naan bread was also tear-worthy.

Service was ooooook – wouldn’t influence me going or not going back, but I’d definitely go back for the food.

Ok – that’s enough, must run, craving for Tikka Masala.

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