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May 13, 2009

Awesome! We had the chef’s table, in the kitchen, with a group of friends. It’s amazing how, on one hand, this French ”bistro supreme”  was so swish and fancy, yet at the same time it had such a chilled out, relaxed and cool atmosphere.

No need to dress completely OTT or anything, but yeah, put on something nice as it is a ”special occasion’ kinda place.

We were served by the head chef and with each dish he placed on our table, came an explanation of what we were about to stuff into out mouths and how it was made. One of our friends is a Vego (pretty much any Chefs worst nightmare – note that I AM NOT CRITICISING her – just pointing out that GENERALLY chefs don’t like this) and the Chef was so accommodating, not one smart or angry remark, he just modified her dishes so that they were as similar as possble to ours but, ofcourse, meat-free.

We had about a thousand delicious courses, all of which I will not descirbe as they basically change depending on what is in season and what the chef decides to serve on the day. However, what I will say, is that everything that entered my pie hole was ABSOLUTELY SCRUMPTIOUS.

The desserts were also spectacular – and the servings were so so so generous that we even had to take home a doggy bag – and NO it wasn’t embarrassing to have to ask for one, THEY OFFERED!

I would go back there in an instant and I would highly recommend it to friends. Onya Angelus!

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