Garlic Steak and Home Made Chips 0

July 1, 2009


Fillet Steak – one or two per person

Stacks of new potatoes – peeled and sliced very very thinly – like a kettle chip

Garlic Cloves – half a clove crushed per steak

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

A bunch of mild peppery rocket


1. Crush cloves of garlic  into a bowl (1/2 clove per steak), chuck in steaks, pour in some olive oil, about 1 teaspoon per steak – mix it up with your hands – WASH HANDSSSSSSSSSSSS – cover with cling film and shove in fridge – take out of fridge about 1/2 hour before cooking.

2. Wash and peel pots, wash ’em again, then slice thinly, like thin potato chips….chuck ’em into a plastic bag – WITH NO HOLES in it – chuck in some salt – then add some olive oil – not much needed – about 1 tablespoon would serve 3 people….put it that way…..once pots, salt and oil is in bag – close it – SHAKE IT AROUND so all chips are coated.

3. Line tray with baking paper – place raw chips one by one next to each other – shove into oven – about 180 deg cel – keep eyes on them – as they start to go golden, remove. You will need to do a few trays worth i.e. they will all take different lengths of time to cook…..some will take 2 mins….others will take 3…..unfortunately you will just have to put lots of care and attention into each little one……this takes a while….so leave plenty of time……as they come out cooked place them on a cool surface so they go right down in temp and then crisppppppppp up…….once all out and cool – place ’em in an airtight container until ready to serve.

4. To cook the steak – as I said – remove from fridge 1/2 hour early – heat pan with a dash of oil – chuck steak into HOT pan for 1 min on each side – just to seal it and give it nice all over colour…….place steak on aluminium foil lined baking dish and shove into oven at 180 deg cel for……..however long it takes to cook to the degree that one wishes…..e.g. 7 mins on each side will cook it med/well.

5. Place a pile of rocket on the plate, add a pile of the chips and then serve the steak alongside it all – mmmmmmm!

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