THE RIVER CAFE – Thames Wharf, London 1

May 12, 2009

I’d wanted to go here forever, and when I finally did, I wasn’t disappointed.

As I’d expected, I was served simple food that had been prepared PERFECTLY. Fresher than fresh produce, deliciously intense flavour in every single morsel that was shoved into my mouth, generously sized meals and the friggin’ biggest scallops I HAVE EVER SEEN or EATEN in my life.

Gorgeous atmosphere – although we went at night and I would definitely try going for lunch next time….just to enjoy the outlook.

The service was fantastic and the newly refurbished interior is totally funky.

Finishing our meal off with the world famous Chocolate Nemesis was a good move and for only £8?! I wouldv’e paid £80!

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1 lambdaphage { 07.30.09 at 11:22 pm }


I agree. What makes River Cafe amazing is the fact that they have used combinations of plain ingredients but cooked them to perfection. For me, it was the antipasti, a mere prosciutto with slow cooked beans that was fantastic.

Lambda Phage.

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