Brompton Quarter Cafe: Knightsbridge, London 0

July 6, 2009

This’ll be a quick one.

Had been wanting to try this place for ages, as I am always walking past and it has an inviting entrance / facade – big glass windows stacked with delicious-looking bread, pastries and salads….

Persuaded husband to trek there with me on weekend for brekkie – we had eggs, toast, coffee, juice, the usual……

Looked better than it tasted, service was DEFINITELY with a smile but really bad… know when you see a thousand people running around looking busy but no one seems to be doing anything = Brompton Quarter Cafe.

Coffee = weak and pretty average.

Interior = cool, stark, white, attention to detail, modern, clean, funky.

All in all came to around £35 – which aint cheap…..I don’t even want to begin to convert it back to my home currency, ’cause that makes it like a trillion dollars……

Weird…..I don’t feel angry about the experience but I won’t be going back.

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