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September 15, 2010

(SINCEREEEEEEEEEEEST APOLOGIES FOR PIC QUALITY – That’s the iPhone with bad lighting for ya….. prom prom promissssssse to start using the Nikon soon!)

I’ve blogged on this joint before…..and I’ve been back quite a few times since that post……

I went in June for a friends’ birthday…..stand out dishes on that occasion were the sashimi…..(FRESHHHHH as can be, rich in flavour, gorgeous presso!)

Annnnnnnd the Rare poached ocean trout with candied eggplant, bok choy and spiced tomato………. (sweet, sweet plantaroo and PUUUURRRRfectly cooked fish)

Then…..on Monday night……we had cause to Celebrate…… it was our 2 year “cotton” wedding anni – hoo to the rah!!

I ADOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Catalina, it’s why I chose to get married there, and really, even though sommmmmmetimes certain aspects of my experience let me down (3 requests for a coca-cola and close but no cigar with the delivery of that coca-cola) I will forever sing the praises of this place from every rooftop……

In memory of the wedding, we chose dishes that were either exactly the same as what we served on that glorious day in September 2008, or close to, and even though the waiter warned us that we had ordered “way wayyyyy too much food for 2 people”….we proceeded, ate and rolled home. ALL CALORIES WELL WORTH IT!

We started with Tuna carpaccio with soy and citrus dressing (light, deeeeelicious, refreshing, pretty) and Seared Queensland sea scallops with zucchini and goats cheese croquettes, tomato frito (scallops cooked exactly the way I love ’em…..and the way they are MEANT to be cooked, croquettes crisp on the outside and melting on the inside, goats cheese packin’ a punch, great contrast to the subtle scallop).

For mains we shared the Catalina signature dish of Roasted suckling pig with quince aioli – de-lish BUT not enough for 2, as is the rec. on the menu – they suggest you share it as a main….hmmm…..once all the bones are taken out of the equation, there’s not ACTUALLY that much meat…..but I guess the fact that it is so rich and fatty balances out the small amount served…..the Quince aioli and herbs are the perfect accompaniments…… we also ordered another Catalina sig dish, the Pan fried snapper fillet with potato and garlic mash; lemon caper butter – never EVER lets me down, fish melts in le mouth, as does the mash and the lemon caper butter has me licking the plate every time – well almost…..tongue on plate not appropriate in this establishment unfortunately :(

ON WITH DESSERT! I had the Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce – crunchy Choux, rich choco sauce and TEAR TEAR TEAR WORTHY crispy nutty things sprinkled all over and Husbies had the Dark chocolate mousse with salted caramel centre and caramel ice cream (RICH but not toooooo rich, delightful presentation!)

As I said, we had an episode with the coke, am thinking they were possibly insulted that I wanted to wash down this phenom grub with a drink of black death and perhaps THAT’S why it never arrived?! But apart from that, the service was down to earth, helpful and with a smile the whole night, the atmosphere was ace, chilled but sophisticated and love was in the air! :) Oh what a night! And of course…….I’LL BE BACK!

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1 Liz Harris { 09.17.10 at 4:04 am }

Oh my god – I had the snapper fillet and tried the choc mousse last weekend (we shared sushi entree) – amazing. Like a good friend, Catalina never lets you down.

2 phoodie { 09.17.10 at 4:41 am }

Yes yes! I heard you went for lunch…..and nearly dinner! I just lurve that place! :)

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