May 16, 2011

I’ve been sick. Not deathly sick, but sick nonetheless.

I know you’ve missed me dear readers. You’ve told me so :)

I shall return in FULL FORCE……shortly…..but ’til then… I thought I would share with you my winnings from a silent auction at a not-for-profit-group luncheon I attended last week for the Gidget Foundation. SUCH AN AMAZING CAUSE. Get behind these guys! They’re raising awareness of perinatal anxiety and depression. Providing support. Awesome.

My total prize was a gazillion kilos of Lindt Chocolate. Every flavour, colour, type, ball, block etc you could possibly imagine….But the “funnest” thang going on in my basket of goodness was the Megaaaaaa Lindt ball that you can see above! Tear-worthy! 1000 kilos in weight…..AMAZING. As a reference point, the bag behind the mega ball is filled with normal sized balls. Yee hawwwwwwww is right!

Unfortunately, not solid.

Actually, considering my jeans wouldn’t do up yesterday, I should say fortunately!

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1 Jane { 05.19.11 at 6:33 pm }

Holy crap, I thought that was just some trippy photography work that made the Lindt ball look huge. It’s actually a massive Lindt ball?!?! My jealousy levels are soaring through the roof right now… xx

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